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Stefania Medeiros is a Rhode Island based artist whose unsettling and surrealistic sculptures and paintings beckon us into deeply textured and haunted worlds. Medeiros’ background working in the film industry lends attention to detail that further accentuates her original creations. 


Medeiros takes inspiration from the forms and textures in the world around her, transmuting them into dark, yet ethereal concepts that speak to her interest in playing with reality and exploring the subconscious mind. As much of her work is inspired by dreams, Medeiros allows the viewer to step outside of our known world while keeping one foot in reality.

After taking a step back from the film industry in recent years to focus on her own work, Medeiros has also taken a bold step to close the doors to her physical retail store in 2022 to pursue working as an independent artist. Stefania will be participating in her first solo exhibition in New York City in September of 2023.

stefania medeiros
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